Muller Named Director of Development, Church Relations for Habitat and Other Career Changes in the Chattanooga Area | SehndeWeb

Contributor photo by Habitat for Humanity of Greater Chattanooga/Hannah Muller Muller named director of development and religious relations for Habitat Hannah Muller has been promoted to head of development and religious relations for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Chattanooga. She previously held the position of Head of Volunteer Engagement. Muller is a graduate of Virginia … Read more

Opinion: College loan forgiveness is a double-edged sword | SehndeWeb

Prepare for a new battle in America’s culture wars: the clash over college loan forgiveness. It has been widely reported that President Joe Biden may soon deliver on his campaign promise, possibly through executive action, to reduce college loan debt. It remains to be seen how much debt will be erased and for whom, although … Read more

Do you need a graduate degree to compete right now? Probably not | SehndeWeb

More American workers than ever are holding a graduate degree. Years of increasing professional demands and headlines declaring a master’s degree to be “the new bachelor’s degree” have driven record numbers of students into college. And yet, more and more high-paying jobs no longer require a college degree at all. In this tight job market, … Read more