College Scholarships That Support Autistic Students | pay for college | SehndeWeb

College scholarships are often highly competitive and depend on metrics such as SAT scores and GPAs to select winners. This can be a barrier for autistic students seeking scholarships to support their higher education aspirations, but scholarships designed specifically to support members of the autism community can help. (Getty Images) To improve options for students … Read more

College grads could walk out with nearly $40,000 in student loan debt | SehndeWeb

(NerdWallet) — According to analysis by NerdWallet, this year’s high school graduates could take out nearly $40,000 in student loans in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree. And with this debt stretching across federal, parental, and private lending sources, the ultimate cost of their education will rise far beyond tuition and fees. Today, it is almost … Read more

9 tips for finding your life purpose | SehndeWeb

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur the contributors are theirs. I believe you have a purpose in life – we all do. Since there is no other individual on the planet exactly like you who has the exact combination of nature and nurture, it seems obvious and logical that you must be able to provide value that … Read more

Do you need a graduate degree to compete right now? Probably not | News | SehndeWeb

More American workers than ever are holding a graduate degree. Years of increasing professional demands and headlines declaring a master’s degree to be “the new bachelor’s degree” have driven record numbers of students into college. And yet, more and more high-paying jobs no longer require a college degree at all. In this tight job market, … Read more

Candidate Questionnaire: Jack Smith, Cary Town Council, District C | SehndeWeb

Name as it appears on the ballot: Jack Smith Age: 74 Party Membership: Not affiliated Campaign website: Profession & employer: Owner, CGT, LLC (Custom International Travel) Years lived in Cary: 36 1) In 300 words or less, give us and our readers your elevator pitch: Why do you run? Why should voters give you … Read more

What is a good PSAT score? | Education | SehndeWeb

Student scores on the PSAT, or preliminary SAT, don’t affect college admissions decisions — but that doesn’t mean the test should be overlooked. Other than clocking in at 15 minutes less – 2 hours and 45 minutes without a break – there are few differences between the PSAT and the SAT. The similarities are deliberate, … Read more

Nearly 1 in 5 teens consider remote work as part of their college and career plans, survey finds — THE Journal | SehndeWeb

Impacts of the pandemic Nearly one in five teens consider remote work in their college and career plans, survey finds By Kristal Kuykendall 08/04/22 Remote schools during the pandemic may have been viewed by adults as a temporary solution, but for many students it has changed how they view and plan their future … Read more

Paying it forward: App State professor creates scholarship for STEM-focused first-generation students | SehndeWeb

BOONE, NC – First-generation students of the Reich College of Education (RCOE) at Appalachian State University benefit from the fundraising efforts of RCOE Professor Dr. Chrystal Dean ’93 ’96 and her late husband, who died of cancer in 2017. The couple established the Dean Family First Generation Teacher Education Scholarship, which specifically supports first-generation RCOE … Read more

Nurses: the heart of health care | Health care | SehndeWeb

Kerry Erickson, Acting Editor, The Times of Northwest Indiana Kerry Ericson Tony V. Martin, dossier, The Times Kerry Erickson is the acting editor of the Times of Northwest Indiana. Erickson holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Eastern Illinois University and served as an associate feature editor and overnight editor at The Times. She has … Read more