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Celebrating 28 years and ten winners for 2022. The award includes $75,000 unrestricted award and residency at CalArts.

SANTA MONICA, Calif., May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — May 4, 2022 will mark the 28th annual celebration of the Alpert grass Award in the Arts (HAAIA) and as in 2021, doubling of the winners, going from five to ten risk-taking mid-career artists – experimenters – who challenge and transform art, their respective disciplines and society. Fifteen well-known leaders in the arts formed the juries that reviewed the entries and selected two winners in each of five disciplines: dance, film/video, music, theater and visual arts.

The 2022 Herb Alpert Prize Winners in the Arts

DANCE: Yanira Castrono love

FILM/VIDEO: Bani Khoshnoudi, Terence Nance

MUSIC: Tomeka Reid, Cory Smith

THEATER: Aleshea Harris, Gray Virginia

VISUAL ARTS: Guadalupe Maravilla, Martine Syms

The awards were founded and designed by a legendary musician, philanthropist and artist Alpert grassand his Grammy-winning singer wife, Lani Room. Now in its 28th edition, the HAAIA has so far been awarded to 140 artists. Each winner receives a $75,000 unrestricted award and residency at CalArts (California Institute of the Arts) which administers the award on behalf of the Herb Alpert Foundation.

Alpert grass and Lani Room established the Herb Alpert Foundation in 1985 and over thirty plus years of $200 million later, Alpert grass remains one of America’s most prominent and staunch advocates for the arts and arts education.

Among the 140 former HAAIA winners are renowned artists: Carrie Mae Weems, Taylor Mac, Suzan Lori Parks, Julia Wolf, Michelle Dorrance, Tania Bruguera, Kerry James Marshall, Lisa Kron, Sharon Lockhart, Ralph Lemon, Arthur JaffaCai Guo Qiang, Okwui Okpokwasili and Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah ​​to name a few.

Rona Sebastien, Chairman of the Herb Alpert Foundation, describes what drives the Alperts’ tireless commitment to the arts. “Supporting artists, whose voices are the heart and soul of our democracy, has always been important to Herb and Lani. This led them to launch the Alpert grass Award 28 years ago. And now, as art makers and performing artists fully resume their creative lives, the Herb Alpert Foundation is thrilled to champion ten.”

Ravi RajanPresident of CalArts, which administers the award, added, “Herb and Lani’s generosity is legendary, and their work in helping artists take risks through the Alpert Awards has propelled artistic creation into this country for decades,” the president of CalArts said. Ravi Rajan. “The list of past winners is a testament to how the prize gives artists the space and time to create work that transforms the world.”

Irene Borgerdirector of HAAIA since its inception, reflects on this year’s prize: “The ten artists, each with their own unique voice, share a number of factors: they work across genres; they see the public as participants; they connect provocatively the past to the present to imagine a new future.”

The following summaries explain why the 2022 panelists chose these ten extraordinary artists:


The Dance Panel selected choreographer, director and educator nia love for her resilience, commitment and determination to produce performances that tell urgent stories about human capacity, innovative ways of moving and an artistic practice that looks back to imagine forward.

The Dance Panel has selected an interdisciplinary artist and choreographer
Yanira Castro for his abundant intelligence infused with humanity, his commitment to progressive values, his relentless advocacy of others, and his redefinition of the function of what an audience member brings to a performance.

Roya Amirsoleymani – artistic director and curator of public engagement, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Portland, OR
Thomas F. DeFrantz – performer, teacher of theater and performative studies, Northwestern University, Chicago
Olga Garay-English – international artistic consultant, Los Angeles


The Film/Video Jury honors filmmaker and artist Bani Khoshnoudi for her distinctive ability to speak to the conditions of transition and exile, to consider complex ethical relationships, for her pursuit of the unsaid and underrepresented, and her invigorating, empathetic and essential work.

The Film/Video Jury honors an artist Terence Nance for his omnivorous curiosity, for his vision of cinema as portal, channel, cosmic matter, tool of divination, work of decolonization and experimental vernacular and for his radical insertions in the pop universe.

Romi Crawford – art historian, professor of visual and critical studies, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago
Beatriz Santiago Muñoz – artist, Alpert grass Prize Winner, San JuanPR
Deborah Stratman – filmmaker/artist, art teacher, University of Illinois at Chicago, Alpert grass Prize Winner, Chicago


Music Panel Celebrates Cellist, Improviser, Composer and Organizer Tomeka Reid for his tremendous dynamism, insight and vast expressive abilities. As a composer, her rigorous and dazzling music spans many idioms; as a performer she expands what the cello can do.

The Music Panel celebrates the pianist, improviser and composer Cory Smith for its conceptual audacity, its intellectual curiosity, its fecundity of imagination, its virtuoso performances, its sound innovations and the diversity of its means of expression, which extend the notion of musicality.

George Lewis – composer, Edwin H. Case Professor of American Music, Composition and Historical Musicology – Colombia University, Alpert grass Winner, New York
Gustavo Matamoros – composer, interdisciplinary artist, founder, Subtropics Festival, Miami
Myra Melford – pianist, composer, improviser, professor, UC Berkeley, Alpert grass Winner, Berkeley, California


Interdisciplinary artist Gray Virginia was chosen by the theater jury for its urgent and deep drama, its fluid poetic forms, its gigantic undertakings; for her generous and spirited practice and, as a cause and community creature, for converting craft into kinship, wish into mandate, and verse into plan of action.

The theater committee chose the playwright Aleshea Harris for its furious and playful vision, its intense intellectual rigor and experimentations with form, its celebrations of black life amid historical, systemic and current black death, and for constructing a theater that not only challenges the art of playwriting, but the cultural conversation it faces.

Erik Ehn – playwright, educator, Alpert grass Winner, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Maria Manuela Goyanes – Artistic Director, Woolly Mammoth Theater Company, washington d.c.
Lloyd Suh – playwright, Alpert grass Winner, South Orange, NJ


Artist and healer Guadalupe Maravilla was named the winner of the Visual Arts Award for his captivating practice and dynamic sense of ethics and purpose. Through his sculpture, performance and sound baths, he transformed his personal understanding of trauma into a path of healing and service. The generosity embodied in his work upsets the hierarchical relationships between the artist and the spectator, and releases the potential of the imagination.

Artist and filmmaker Martine Syms was named winner of the Visual Arts Award for the resolutely ruthless way in which her work – confronting the central issues of our time – combines deep ethical questioning with difficult aesthetic codes as she exerts mastery over the creation of bold imagery , giving rise to the radical imagination of the imminent future.

Cecilia Fajardo Hill – independent curator, art historian, writer, Los Angeles
Eungie Joo – Curator of Contemporary Art, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco
Claire Tancons – curator, writer, researcher, Pariswork on site

On Alpert grass

Alpert grass is a musician, record producer and executive, sculptor, painter and philanthropist. His albums have sold over 72 million copies and 29 of his records have reached the Billboard 200. Billboard also ranked Alpert at number 7 on its “Greatest Of All Time Billboard 200 Artists”. He co-founded A&M Records with jerry moss in 1962, making it one of the most successful independent record labels in history. In 2012, Alpert was awarded the President’s National Medal of Arts barack obama and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006.

About Alpert grass Awards in the Arts

the Alpert grass Award in the Arts is an unrestricted award from $75,000 awarded annually to risk-taking mid-career artists working in dance, film/video, music, theater and visual arts. The award was initiated and funded by the Herb Alpert Foundation and was administered by the California Institute of the Arts since 1994. The award honors and supports artists who are respected for their creativity, ingenuity and their works, at a time in their lives when they are ready to propel their art in new and unpredictable directions. the Alpert grass The award recognizes experimenters who do something that matters in and beyond their field.

About the Herb Alpert Foundation

The Herb Alpert Foundation envisions a world in which all young people are blessed with opportunities that allow them to reach their potential and lead productive and fulfilling lives. Since its inception, the Foundation has been dedicated to advocating for and investing in the arts, primarily arts education, a focus on jazz, and support for professionals. This includes programs that see access to arts education as a matter of social justice and that the work of artists in society is what helps us not only to appreciate our differences but also to celebrate them.

This work is often accompanied by support from the Compassion and Wellbeing Foundation, which invests in organizations that understand the importance of empathy and cooperation in our daily interactions with others and positive effects inherent in restoring the ability of individuals and families to stand on their own. Please note: the Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals.

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