Central Valley’s Drake and Jones shine at MAC Championships | SehndeWeb

At virtually every major invitational track meet, there is a conversation about how the most valuable performer awards were determined. It’s nothing new – coaches have been raising the same question for decades.

There were questions again at the recent MAC Championships, held at Shenango’s Frank Bongivengo Field at Glenn “Pop” Johnston Stadium. The awards were officially presented to Central Valley seniors Paige Drake and Donovan Johnson, who each won the 100 and 200 meters individually and both were also members of the winning 400 relay team.

However, the combined MVP honor (if there was one) likely belonged to Drake’s pink hooded “snuggie” which was used by both riders in what could be described as miserable weather conditions. The temperature never exceeded 43 degrees, most of the competition took place with temperatures in the 30s and the wind was a constant challenge at Bongivengo Field.

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