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Comment by Steven L. Garrett, Palmyra’s retired assistant district attorney:

The only constant in our lives is change. I think one of the purposes of life is to try to make good changes when the opportunity arises.

In this effort, I am voting for Neil Stauffer as the next district attorney for Montgomery and Robertson counties, and encourage the reader to vote for Neil in the upcoming Republican primary on May 3.

As a retired assistant prosecutor, I worked in the criminal courts of Montgomery, Robertson and Henry counties for 30 years. During that time, I have tried over 500 criminal jury trials, ranging from misdemeanors to capital murder cases. You name it, and I’ve probably tried it.

Neil Stauffer is the best choice to lead the district attorney’s office.

Neil has experience leading a team of prosecutors. If I remember correctly, a colonel usually heads an office of army lawyers, officers of the Judge Advocate General (JAG). I venture to say, and I think the reader will agree, that the colonel is not going to appoint just anyone to lead a test team. The team leader must have the experience and professional competence to occupy this position. This is exactly what Neil Stauffer showed. He held this position because he displayed professional skill and all the trappings of leadership as he led a team of military lawyers charged with prosecuting crimes in military court.

As for teamwork, Neil knows how to spell. He knows there is no “I” in the word “team”. It is attached to the adage “We will all row together”. Putting this adage into action, Neil is determined to recruit and train a selfless group of prosecutors, and then lead them to fight for justice for victims and victims’ families, especially in violent crime cases.

One of Neil’s fundamental goals is to foster a close and professional relationship between the prosecutor and law enforcement. Neil is fully aware that law enforcement is usually the first people at the crime scene; that it is the police who do the “heavy pick and shovel work”; and that it is the work product of law enforcement that will be transformed into the presentation of the prosecutor during a criminal trial. And, finally, Neil is fully grounded in the reality that it is a combination of the work product of law enforcement and the presentation of the prosecutor that will determine the success or failure of the case in a criminal trial. There is no “I” when a jury returns with a verdict of “guilty on the charges”. A guilty verdict opens the door to responsibility, consequences and punishment, which the victim, the victim’s family and the public consider in deciding whether justice has been served.

Neil’s experience as a JAG officer has provided him with unparalleled advocacy and leadership skills. If you are entering the military as a lawyer, graduating from an accredited law school, passing the bar exam, and earning a law degree, you still need to take and pass the course at the Judge Advocate General’s school. The importance of this requirement lies in location, reputation and relationship. The JAGC School is located on the portion of the University of Virginia campus that is also occupied by the University of Virginia School of Law. Additionally, the Law School and the JAGC School share and exchange faculty, JAGC officers, resources, courses, and more.

When it comes to postgraduate legal education and training, Neil Stauffer received the best the United States military has to offer. We need to take advantage of this qualification, especially when linked to Neil’s trial experience and professional competence.

Neil, being very comfortable in the courtroom, will establish an excellent bond with the jury, reflect excellent organization and preparation, present a strategic order of evidence, conduct accurate and efficient cross-examination technique, and complete by an irrefutable summary, all of which characterizes his training and experience as a seasoned lawyer. Most importantly, Neil’s trial skills, coupled with the thorough work of law enforcement, will be the foundation of Neil’s relentless effort to seek justice on behalf of all victims and innocent and respectful citizens. law of our communities.

The only constant in our lives is change. On May 3, each of us will have the opportunity to make a good change. Vote for Neil Stauffer as our next district attorney.

Steven Garrett

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