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The NFL lost one of its most inspiring, talented and passionate players in the game late last year when Demaryius Thomas died Dec. has not been made public.

Former Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas dies | Suffered from seizures

As the football world mourned and mourned his loss, players found many different ways to honor the former wide receiver and his legacy.

Most recently, Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning partnered with Thomas’ alma mater, Georgia Tech, to create the Demaryius Thomas Scholarship.

The scholarships will award scholarships to freshmen in Laurens County, Georgia, Thomas’ hometown and surrounding areas. The scholarship will be awarded to students who have demonstrated financial need and exemplary academic achievement. This scholarship can be full or partial and will last until the student graduates from Georgia Tech.

This partnership with the Demaryius Thomas Fellowship is in collaboration with Peyton Manning’s PeyBack Foundation. Manning was also eager to help get the foundation started, explaining why he did so in a statement Wednesday.

“Demaryius Thomas was an incredibly talented and selfless teammate, but more importantly he was a special person and a friend,” Manning said Wednesday. “My family and I miss him dearly, and we wanted to honor DT’s memory by partnering the PeyBack Foundation with Georgia Tech to create the Demaryius A. Thomas Scholarship Endowment.

Against all odds, DeMaryius Thomas stands on the precipice of greatness

“An important part of Demaryius’ legacy was how he inspired the next generation to pursue their dreams with the same perseverance and determination that defined him,” Manning said. “Through this scholarship to Georgia Tech, Demaryius will have a lasting impact on deserving young people in his hometown who can follow in his footsteps and achieve great things in life.”

With this scholarship in effect, Thomas’ legacy continues to grow and benefits the lives of many individuals, families, and generations of families in the future. But that’s exactly the kind of guy Thomas was.

The former Bronco and Yellow Jacket frequently showed up at Boys and Girls Club events and regularly donated to and made appearances at charities.

Another program he was heavily involved in was A Precious Child, a non-profit organization focused on giving back to young people in their community. Thomas had his jersey hung in their distribution center for his help and effort. Thomas also organized training camps for the children, allowing them to get out in the field, work and exercise with him.

A communications manager for Precious Child, Courtney Wickberg, spoke about the love Thomas had for children and how his efforts went beyond just looking good or taking pictures with the children, but to how authentic and heartfelt everything was.

“He doesn’t play football with them and then sit and take pictures, he’s really invested in these kids and taken the time to talk to them and relate to them,” he said. she stated. “Most people know that DT could really understand the kids we serve, the kids in need, and how important it was for them to be involved in sports and football.”

‘Demaryius Thomas Day’

Georgia Tech also announced that August 8 will be recognized as “Demaryius Thomas Day” each year, in recognition of the number he wore as a star at the ACC school. Scholarship recipient Demaryius Thomas will also be recognized that day, along with the Georgia Tech football team wearing the No. 8 on their helmet during the 2022 season.

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As a professional, Demaryius spent the last eight years of his 10-year NFL career (2010-2019) with the Denver Broncos. From 2012 to 2016, Thomas was an A-1 pass stealer in the NFL, posting five straight receiving seasons for 1,000+ yards and catching 46 touchdowns. He finished his career top 50 in all-time receptions with 724 receptions. He had over 9,700 receiving yards, which puts him in the top 55 of all time.

Demaryius Thomas’ life of working to help the communities he inhabited and being one of the game’s most prolific football receivers is steeped in NFL lore. Ask anyone who knew him and they’ll insist he was a rare superstar. The one who has never forgotten where he comes from. This scholarship highlights the morals and goals the Super Bowl champion and four-time Pro Bowl player has displayed on and off the court.

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