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On three-legged dogs

For the editor: Dispatch sportswriter Rob Oller described Rutgers as “the pathetic three-legged dog.” Meet Gus the Goldendoodle, who has received a lot of media coverage in the Twin Cities. Gus lost a leg to cancer, but there’s nothing pathetic about him. Gus became a hero when he swam in the St. Croix River and saved a baby otter. The otter would not have survived alone this far from shore and is currently in the care of the Minnesota Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. As for Gus, well, he has three chemo sessions left. Oller must do the right thing and write a column celebrating Gus’ heroism.

Jay Hoster, Christopher Columbus

jay: Decidedly, Gus is not pathetic. In fact, he is a very, very good boy. Rutgers? We’re not so sure.

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