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Advice for students who do not want to continue class 12 after completing class 10

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New Delhi:

The Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education, or MPBSE, announced the 10th and 12th results on Friday, April 29, 2022 through the official MPBSE websites –, and mpbse. A total of 18 lakh students had participated in the MPBSE Class 10 and Class 12 2022 exams held between February 17 and March 12.

This year, the passing percentage in 10th and 12th has decreased compared to the year 2021. The passing percentage in 10th grade reached 59.54%, while a total of 72.72% of students passed the exams class 12. As the results of the MP Board 10th are known and the students prepare for their higher education, some of them are considering skipping class 12 and wish to embrace a career that leads to their career goals. But, without a real career orientation, students may opt for a career that would lead them nowhere. Therefore, we have offered a roundup of career suggestions and advice from industry experts to guide those who do not want to pursue Class 12 after completing Class 10.

“Applicants can opt for a college foundation course that will take you to universities for a bachelor’s degree in the UK, US, Australia and Canada. It will be a refreshing start to a promising future. Varun Iyer, Education Consultant for Study Abroad, GoToUniversity said. Speaking about traditional study methods, Neelakantha Bhanu, Founder and CEO of Bhanzu said, “While traditional education is the most viable option, it is not the only one. There are many courses students can opt for these days depending on their interests and skills. The basic skills required to opt for any course no longer depend solely on the school curriculum. Chances are one of them will excel as long as they have a strong math-based, application-focused approach.”

Interesting career options from industry experts for students who want to skip class 12

Prateek Bhargava, Director and CEO of Mindler, said, “Today, students can pursue various certification, vocational and diploma courses, validating them as competent professionals in the job market.” He suggested some interesting career options for students to explore: entrepreneurship, photography, event management and wedding planning, graphic design, ethical hacking and many more.

“To begin, let me emphasize and re-emphasize the importance of a journey and a journey of continuous learning. The learning path can be the one from 10th to 12th followed by courses that culminate in a diploma, post-graduation and more depending on your ability to learn. The other option for students after 10th grade is to take polytechnic courses such as mechanics, civil, chemistry, computer science, automotive. After this diploma, one can enter the 2nd year of an engineering diploma or hold a job. Alternatively, they can take ITI courses – these provide opportunities for students who want to take any technical course in a short period of time. I strongly recommend that once they complete their 10th grade, they understand the different career choices available and opt for career guidance,” suggested Neeraj Sharma, vice president of The Lexicon Group.

Mr. Iyer, Education Consultant for Study Abroad, GoToUniversity added, “Digital Marketing or SEO courses are a large and growing market that will open up a number of opportunities for you. You need skills to plan, strategize, analyze and optimize digital marketing campaigns from scratch. Apart from that, he mentioned other career options including BPOs and KPOs, data entry operation, etc.

“The careers mentioned above are just a few of a large family of ever-changing careers and do not require a student to finish grade 12! All they need is dedication, passion , intent and interest in expanding their knowledge through various alternative means of learning and gaining experience,” added Mr. Bhargava, Director and CEO of Mindler.

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