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By Ricardo Martinez

An in-person commencement celebration for Cal State San Bernardino’s 2021-2022 graduates is a month away. While many are hopeful for the future, other graduates are beginning to feel the pressure of career planning after college.

A collection of early spring CSUSB badges, including a CSUSB-themed sash and pom pom. picture by Ricardo Martinez.

According to the Fall 2020 Facts and Statistics released by CSUSB, 28% of students are seniors, which is a large portion of the total number of students in attendance, which is 19,404 students. This leaves many graduates to start their careers with a degree in their sensitive field, but one topic that is lightly talked about is the route these graduates take after the celebration is over.

Some of these future graduates may be hesitant to apply for a job during their studies between semesters, leaving at the end of their degree the search for a job where they have the most time to devote.

Jason Barrea, a senior kinesiologist, feels he needs to act fast with the May graduation date looming.

“This last semester has gone by really fast, since I know I’m graduating soon, I have to sit down and find time to apply to different places,” Barrea said.

Barrea’s long-term career goals are to become a personal trainer for some of the top sports organizations in the world or to become a physical therapist. He understands that he may have wasted time gaining experience through various internships offered by the programs while in college, but he is committed to working with his family.

“I worked with my family during my university studies and I know there were opportunities to learn more about my major in a hands-on approach. Looking back, this is something I strongly advise students lower class because many of the applications for the jobs I want require some experience,” Barrera said.

Barrea plans to move forward and reviews the many positives of her degree. He is very happy that the university offers a lot of support for graduates who also don’t know what to do.

“CSUSB hosts a lot of job fairs and job fairs that really help and motivate me to start looking for where to start my career,” Barrea said.

One of the programs offered by the university, Handshake, allows current and former students to create a user profile that will connect them to many career opportunities. This can be found after logging into your MyCoyote and clicking on the Job Opportunities icon.

Similar to other job websites like Indeed and Portfolium, HandShake allows students to register for on-campus interviews, participate in on-campus career events, and alumni to schedule appointments. career advice.

Senior graduate Mike Ruelas understands the pressure graduates can feel when it comes to career planning, but for him it’s more about not letting his family down.

“Being a first-generation grad student says a lot, what happens from here after graduation also says a lot about the kind of example I set for everyone in the family,” said Rulas with firmness.

Ruelas thinks being the first in his family to graduate from a four-year college is such a big moment for him. He wants to show other members of his family, especially his younger brothers, that pursuing a university education can be a great way to succeed in life.

“Getting a college degree was half the challenge, what you do with the degree is also another hurdle to consider. All the years invested in my studies are all for my career, I want it to show” , said Ruelas.

Graduating from college can be hard to come by, Ruelas isn’t too worried about his post-graduation plans and is still proud of the time he will have next May.

Another senior, Javier Lopez, has taken a different approach since taking a year off to focus on finding jobs focused on his field.

“It’s funny because I went to college trying to get a good job and then in the middle I got a pretty good job where I had to take a break,” Lopez said.

Lopez started working as a sales assistant for a sales organization where he started as an intern, after a few months he was hired. He admits the hours were too much to handle while being a full-time student, it was a tough decision, but Lopez took a break to see where this new job would take him.

“It was a lot of work, but I learned a lot along the way. Now I have a better idea of ​​what a degree does for you and what job I’m aiming for,” Lopez said.

Lopez is back for her senior year and feels the post-graduation pressure is gone due to the experience she gained early on. He also expresses how extremely important it is to promote yourself by showing your potential to employers.

“Don’t let the demands of an application hold you back, yes, employers do, but if you’re confident in what you’re doing you’d be surprised how far you can go.”

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