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Thanks to McClure’s free degree promise through CCV’s Early College program, all Vermont students who are currently in grades 8-11 can now count on a free associate’s degree at Community College of Vermont ( CCV) the year following graduation from high school.

Vermont Business Magazine The J Warren & Lois McClure Foundation announced on Tuesday the McClure Free Degree Promise under CCV’s Early College Program for the Vermont high school classes of 2023-2026. The McClure Foundation pledge will cover tuition and fees after all federal and state financial aid, and will provide enhanced career and educational counseling as well as stipends to help with books, transportation, and other costs associated with the university.

The state’s Early College program allows high school students in Vermont to complete their senior year of high school and their junior year of college at the same time, earning free college credits that also count toward high school graduation.

The McClure Foundation Pledge builds on CCV’s Early College program to give continuing students the chance to earn an associate’s degree of their choice the year after high school graduation, putting you on the fast track to a debt-free degree and a promising Vermont. work. Members of the Vermont High School Class of 2022 who are currently enrolled in Early College at CCV are also eligible.

“Young people deserve a degree they can rely on and afford,” says Barbara Benedict, president of the McClure Foundation. “By securing this path through Early College to a free degree at CCV, we are telling young people in Vermont that we believe in them and we believe in their future.”

Julia Light attends Early College in her senior year at Twinfield High School and encourages her peers to take the opportunity to get off to a good start. “Take the free Early College year because it will help you in the long run. I know Early College helped me decide what I want to do, so it helped me a lot. Light is completing a certificate on the fundamentals of cybersecurity during her first year of college, which she says will allow her to get started in her chosen career field while pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

CCV-Winooski Early College student OJ Daring says the promise of a free degree could have a big impact. “Starting college in itself can be really beneficial, and going further and allowing people to complete a degree would be really, really helpful for some people. To get those two years and not be in debt and go further…it opens up a lot of doors and opportunities if [students] are able to earn an associate degree.

As an open admissions college with twelve locations and strong online learning options, CCV serves students from diverse backgrounds across Vermont. Early College students benefit from personalized academic counseling as they navigate the transition from high school to college and begin to explore career options. Young people interested in the Free Early Degree promise can choose from CCV’s 11 associate degree programs, earning credits that transfer easily to four-year programs within the Vermont State Colleges System as well as UVM, Champlain, and other colleges. other colleges and universities in Vermont and beyond. .

“This is an incredible gift for the people of Vermont,” said CCV President Joyce Judy. “The promise of an affordable college education is life changing for students and a game changer for the state as more Vermonters will have the education they need for the jobs available and being created. We are grateful to the McClure Foundation for their partnership in making accessible post-secondary education a reality.

The McClure Foundation is an affiliate of the Vermont Community Foundation, which is also partnering with this pledge by providing funding from the VT COVID-19 Response Fund to help CCV administer and evaluate the program.

“For too long, underfunding of public higher education in the state of Vermont has resulted in high tuition fees and the perception among many Vermont youth that they cannot afford college,” says Dan Smith, president and CEO of the Vermont Community Foundation. “The responsibility to change this perception lies with state decision makers. But at a time when young people are questioning their future and Vermont is poised to benefit from their talent, we see an opportunity to provide hope.

The McClure Foundation envisions a Vermont where academic and professional education contributes to greater equity and resilience. Its grants help make education and training pathways to Vermont’s most promising jobs more visible, more accessible and more affordable.

To learn more about the Free Early Degree promise, visit

The McClure Foundation envisions a Vermont in which public colleges and career-focused training promote equity and resilience. To learn more about the foundation and its grants, which is a supporting organization of the Vermont Community Foundation, visit

The Vermont Community College is the second largest college in Vermont, serving nearly 10,000 students each year. With 12 locations and numerous online learning options, our students don’t have to travel far from their communities to access our degree and certificate programs, our workforce, our secondary and continuing education opportunities and our academic and veteran support services.

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