Charter school supporters plan a march through downtown Danbury to demand state funding | SehndeWeb

And now they are walking.

Frustrated that funding for a charter school in Danbury continues to be cut from the state budget, supporters plan to take to Main Street on Sunday afternoon to show the faces of people clamoring for the school to open .

“We wanted to show that these aren’t just shadow people,” said Jose Lucas Pimentel, CEO of Latinos of Educational Advocacy, or LEAD, an organization that argues school is needed to provide an alternative to schools. Danbury’s growing public, especially for Black and Brown students. “It’s a real community.”

The march begins at 1 p.m. Sunday at 358 Main Street, where LEAD is located. The group will head to City Hall for speeches at 1:30 p.m.

LEAD decided to organize the march after Democratic members of the Danbury state legislative delegation lobbied to have funding for the charter school removed from an early state budget proposal of the month, said Pimentel.

State Representative Ken Gucker, D-Danbury, said he and other members of the Danbury delegation were surprised to learn that funding for the charter school had been included in a budget proposal by lawmakers who do not represent Danbury after the governor opted out of his original proposal.

“It was done behind the scenes without any transparency,” he said. “Then the Danbury delegation discovered this. We were upset because we had never even been consulted. No one from (the) Credits (Committee) spoke to us. It was a backroom deal.

Gucker and other members of the delegation argue that attention and funding should be given to public schools, including the proposed $164 million career academy. State Sen. Julie Kushner, D-Danbury, reiterated her support for the career academy in a statement, while several other members of the delegation could not be reached for comment Monday.

State Representative Patrick Callahan, R-New Fairfield, said he supports the charter school.

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