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Compose a quick email, answer a question, interact with your social media, send text messages, promote your product and service (or yourself), program/code, enter data, and much more, it all depends on the input. And to be good at these or just improve productivity, you’ll need a fast typing skill, whether on a computer or mobile device. There are many online course offerings for typing.

Popular Online Typing Courses

Here is the list of the most popular online typing courses:

Typing 101_ Basics of typing course and improve your typing speed

Typing 101: Typing Basics Course and Improving Typing Speed ​​goes over all the fundamentals of typing, starting with hand positions and finger placement tips. The course shows you all the keyboard shortcuts as well as ways to increase your typing speed. You will also learn what’s on the keyboard in depth as well as valuable typing habits that will improve your typing speed.

Typing aid to reduce the number of keystrokes and improve accuracy

The typing aid to reduce the number of keystrokes and improve accuracy allows you to write very quickly using HotStrings (text extension) and abbreviations by automating your computer. Lessons include abbreviations that can span any Windows, auto-completion of words in Windows, creating HotStrings and program-specific HotStrings, installing AutoHotKey, launching programs from using keys, creating templates, and more.

Touch Typing Mastery – Learn to type correctly

In this 1.5 hour course, Touch Typing Mastery – Learn to type correctly, you will learn to type from basic to advanced level in just 12 lectures. The lessons aim to eliminate searching/referring to your keyboard while typing. It also gives you tips on common mistakes and habits and helps you increase your words per minute.

Quick course on the 10 finger system – Improve your handwriting!

Quick course on the 10 finger system – improve your handwriting! Teaches you how to use all 10 fingers when typing to increase your speed up to four times faster than before. The course introduces a new typing system as well as practical exercises to make the experience more fun. And finally, this course is designed for a US layout keyboard and is completed in less than an hour.

Proficiency in typing: learning to type

Typing Mastery: Learn to Type shows you how to get the most out of your computer by touch typing (typing without looking at the keyboard). It covers the basics of typing and goes on to show you how to use punctuation keys, use a number pad, and typing ergonomics so you can avoid the fatigue and physical pain that can result. And it is also suitable for beginners.

Typing lessons: learn to type twice as fast in 30 days!

This 1 hour Touch Typing Course: Learn to type 2x faster in 30 days!! Is divided into 34 lectures to teach you how to write 120 words per minute. The goal of the course is to at least double your speed in a month with just 30 minutes of practice per day. Moreover, it shows you all keyboard shortcuts, proper ergonomics for healthy and comfortable typing, improves accuracy, and more.

Master fast typing on your phone: Android and iPhone

Combined with step-by-step videos, Master fast typing on your phone: Android and iPhone focuses solely on typing on mobile devices. From text messages and social media posts to writing and responding to your professional emails, this course covers all hand positions, setting up hotkeys and expanding text, using predictions, voice recording to enter text, choice of phone layout and on-screen keyboard, speed boost, and more for Android and iOS.

Typing Course – How to Type by Touch – Revolutionary Method

Typing Course – How to Touch Type – The revolutionary method is based on recent research on learning skills. Positioning your hand the right way, memorizing where your fingers land, the numeric keypad and numeric keypad shortcuts, capital letters, speed and accuracy, are some of the topics covered in the course. You will learn this using the “two keys at once” method.

Save 4 hours a week: discover 75 handy keyboard shortcuts

Earn 4 Hours A Week: Learn 75 Handy Keyboard Shortcuts is one of the longest courses of its kind with almost 7 hours of lessons designed for Microsoft Windows. Focused on keyboard shortcuts, it shows you how to navigate between tabs/browsers and programs, launch apps, customize the toolbar, and more to increase your productivity by the folds.

Typing lessons: master touch typing on PC, Mac and phone

Typing Lessons: Mastering Touch Typing on PC, Mac, and Phone reveals all the important and effective tools used by professionals that made them much faster than others on Windows as well as Mac with (QWERTY) setup. Lessons include; using a numeric keypad, punctuation keys, special characters, practicing touch typing, and mapping finger positions. And lastly, it shows you the best onscreen phone keyboard, texting methods, hand positions for phone keyboard and using predictions.

Computers, tabs and phones are the main means of communication in the digital age. They are used for business, social media and education. A solid typing skill can mean the difference between success and failure, which is why you need to equip yourself with this skill. For all courses mentioned above, a certificate of completion will be awarded upon completion, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime access to learning materials and videos both on TV and on mobile.

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