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By Sian Babish | BestReviews Staff

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Now that the fitness tracker market is overflowing with a wide range of models, it can be difficult to narrow down the options. And because several models share similar features, looking at the differences in performance, features, and price is key to picking the right one.

BestReviews’ Jacob Palmer recently joined Gary Gelfand and Scott Moak of “Studio40 Live” to share expert advice on selecting fitness trackers. Palmer and the BestReviews team tested dozens of models, from Fitbits to Garmin watches, to find the best options available..

Palmer begins by addressing the overall appeal of these devices, noting that they are small, convenient, and simple to wear. They “make it so much easier to get up, get active, and take those little steps that lead to a healthier life,” Palmer says.

It then introduces some of the leading fitness trackers that recently went through the BestReviews testing process to illustrate the differences between brands and features. “There’s something for everyone,” he says.

For starters, the Garmin Vivoactive 4, a rugged design ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, tracks elevation changes and shares essential data often appreciated by hikers and other day-trippers. It also has security and tracking features, including incident detection, which sends real-time notifications to emergency contacts.

Palmer then switches to the Fitbit. Calling the brand the “pioneers” of fitness trackers, he says the line has evolved over time with a lot of “cool tech”. The Fitbit Charge 5, one of the newer models, offers a full assortment of features with sleep monitoring, built-in GPS, and stress management tools. It’s affordable and offers excellent value for money with a free six-month premium Fitbit membership.

Amazon has also entered the fitness tracker space, Palmer says. The Halo Band is a low-profile entry-level option under $100. Although it has fewer features than most, Palmer maintains “it gets the job done.” However, one of Halo Band’s most attractive features is the seamless Alexa integration for easy reporting of health metrics.

Although not a dedicated fitness tracker, the Apple Watch Series 7 has a robust assortment of health and fitness tracking features, including oxygen levels in blood and ECG readings anytime, anywhere. Palmer points out that it’s one of the most popular wearables right now, especially among Apple enthusiasts. If they’re “already in this Apple ecosystem,” he explains, “it gives you those live updates and those live notifications throughout the day.”

After spending a few years testing all kinds of fitness trackers, Palmer and the BestReviews team share some additional tips for choosing the best one for your lifestyle.

The more a fitness tracker has to offer, the more expensive it will be. Most models share the same basic features, such as step counting and heart rate monitoring, but more sophisticated features, including built-in GPS and pulse oximetry, can drive up the price.

Fitness trackers are generally well made, but some are more durable than others. Models intended for outdoor use often have rugged designs, better water resistance, and withstand extreme temperatures. Less durable models, on the other hand, fall short in these areas.

A few major fitness trackers are available with different display sizes, and each size has advantages and disadvantages. Larger screens are easier to read, but they add noticeable bulk to the profile of a fitness tracker. Smaller screens are sleek, but some people find them harder to navigate.

Of course, for those who have never tried a fitness tracker, the big question is: do I really need one? Says Palmer, “If you want it and it’s something that you think will help, ultimately, we’ve found that it really does.”

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