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“Numbers rule the universe. Mathematics is the symbol of the divine description of nature. Mathematics is the highest achievement of human thought.” There are many math mottos and famous people like Einstein, Galileo, Pythagoras, Hegel, Hua Luogeng, Chen Jingrun praised math without mincing words.

The beauty of mathematics is hidden among the arts. It is inextricably linked to music, art and even poetry. In human history, many architectural marvels, persistent sounds and lifelike paintings have left an important legacy. They have interactions between geometry, algebra, the golden ratio and other mathematical and artistic knowledge.

The beauty of mathematics is to wander in nature. Take the Fibonacci spiral. It is widely present in nature, for example, the shell of a conch, the pattern of a pine cone, the human ear, a typhoon, the whirlpool of water and the double helix structure of DNA . We can say that nature has chosen mathematics.

The beauty of mathematics is seen in everyday life. From weather forecasts, puzzle games, shopping, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and the meta universe, a mathematical principle is always present.

In the math-themed activity at SingChin Academy (SCA), students will learn “the wonder of numbers” in daily life and admire “the beauty of numbers” under the guidance of teachers.

SCA invites you to discover the beauty of mathematics during a special session during the SCA Open Day.

Who can join? Prospective SCA students and parents

How to participate: Online booking is now open and there are a limited number of places available for the experience programs. Scan the QR code below to register.

First acquaintance

Your first impression of SCA

During the introduction to the school, you will have a global vision of SCA. The SCA teaching team will present the teaching philosophy, primary and secondary school curriculum, and other important information. Additionally, they will also discuss the SCA rating system.


According to a survey published in “Reconstructing the New Modern Curriculum: Annual Report on Innovative Practices in China’s International Schools (2019)”, only three percent of international schools in China have a relatively comprehensive assessment system, and SCA is proud to be one of them. . SCA assessments support and promote student learning and establish the concept of lifelong learning. Meanwhile, the grading systems are also in line with that of Hwa Chong Institution in Singapore.


SCA students will share their learning and life experiences. You are invited to join and learn more about “learning at SCA” from the perspective of their elders!

In-Depth Discussion

To solve all your questions

A three-dimensional and well-balanced SCA can be experienced during the event by all visitors. For this reason, a special space for classified consultation has been set up and all your questions will be answered by teachers and staff.


In the “Introduction and Q&A area for elementary and middle schools”, you can talk with the department head to learn more. In the “Career Planning Zone”, expert college supervisors will share information on academic paths and growth plans.

In the “International Education and Training Program Area”, the SCA A-Level program and Hwa Chong’s “1+2” ​​joint training program will be introduced. In addition, in the “Admission Information Area”, teachers responsible for admissions will be present. to explain logistics policy, requirements and services.


Last but not least, in the “Face-to-Face Conversation with the Superintendent of Education”, you can discuss education with SCA’s Superintendent of Education, Mr. David Ng!

start to learn

A wonderful learning journey at SCA

The beauty of math

What’s it like to learn math while having fun? In SCA’s Elementary and Middle School Math Experience Zone, math games including a 360-degree turntable, magic axes, checkerboard grid, and happy geometry park are available for children. The games are designed to incorporate learning and play and help children establish their number sense.



agency to live

SCA advocates education for agencies, agency to learn, agency to live, and agency to lead. A rubric titled “Life is Education” is developed to provide students with life skills, help them enjoy life and prepare them for the future. In the Dormitory Activity Experience Zone, you can learn more about accommodation and SCA’s “Agency to Live” program.




Basketball, soccer, golf, equestrian sports and more! After school, SCA’s extracurricular activities are rich and fun. With enthusiasm and effort, students can live a happy life. Come immerse yourself in youth and energy at the CCA Experience Zone!



CAS Open Day

you are always welcome

Scan the QR code to register



gentle reminder

1. Itinerary

Address: SingChin Academy East Gate, Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City, Huangpu District, Guangzhou (50 meters west of China Merchants Yongjing Bay, Tenglong Boulevard North).


2. Pandemic prevention requirements

In accordance with pandemic prevention and control requirements, anyone entering campus will be asked to adhere to the following rules.

  1. Wear a mask throughout your stay on campus, smoking is prohibited.

  2. Anyone with a yellow or red health code is prohibited from entering campus.

  3. Anyone who has traveled outside of Guangdong Province within 14 days, or who has traveled within Guangdong Province to a city with a confirmed case, must take a nucleic acid test within 24 hours of returning to Guangzhou and present the route code and the negative nucleic acid test result.

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