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Celebrity manicurist Chaun Legend is launching a pressed nail collection with Lottie London, and we’ve got all the details. Legend has created manicure masterpieces for a long list of A-list clients, including the Kardashians (who were her first celebrity clients), Rihanna, Cardi B, Zendaya and many more.

“Never in a million years would I have thought I would have a collab or a collection of my own,” Legend told POPSUGAR. “I just never thought it was a possibility. That’s why I’m super excited about the collaboration with Lottie London, and it’s going to be at Walmart. It’s so exciting.”

Originally from Philadelphia, Legend moved to Kentucky to start a career in nails with the encouragement of his sister. While Legend had a background in art, he had never done nails before. But it wasn’t long before he became known as “the guy who did nail art,” he says. “That’s how I built my reputation in Kentucky.” After dominating there, Legend moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in nail art. , but it was not without its challenges. Success was not handed to him — Legend worked incredibly hard to hone his craft before landing his first celebrity client. He quickly established a relationship while using social media, the catapulting into the role of one of the most sought after celebrity manicurists.

Ahead, we spoke to Legend about his new collaboration with Lottie London, his best press-on nail tips, and where he gets his inspiration.

Legend’s Nail Design inspiration for Lottie London

Legend’s Lottie London collaboration consists of four press-on nail designs, all in her long and iconic coffin shape. Each design is inspired by her current home, Los Angeles. First up is the “French Twist” set: “It’s the most requested, recreated, and popular nail design I’ve ever done,” says Legend. “So I thought it should go into the collection.” Next is the “Sunset Strip” set, which combines different shades of orange ombré, reminiscent of the sunset strip from Legend of LA. The third design is the “Emerald City” art deco set, which Legend says is one of his favorites. “I started doing my very first nail art painting line patterns; abstract lines that were very clean and simple, that was my thing.” Finally, the “Baby Girl” graffiti game. “I love graffiti street art,” says Legend. “Every time a client asks me to do something freestyle, they’re going to get a tattoo.”

Legend’s tips for applying pressure nails

“In my opinion, press-ons seem like a much easier application process,” Legend says. “Just stick them on or stick them on and go.” The caption explains that stickers and decals are great, but it’s much more of a process that requires a top coat to seal them. Below, he shares his best press-on nail tips.

“First, make sure you dehydrate your nails thoroughly, clean them with alcohol, then push back your cuticles,” he says. “You don’t want to just slap the pressures directly on the cuticle because it will lift more easily.” He also warns you not to use your fingernails as tools – this will help them last longer.

Legend’s most popular nail art designs

It probably won’t come as a surprise that Legend’s most requested nail art design is a French manicure. “Everybody loves the French tip,” he says. “I can never get enough of it either. I always find new ways to give it a little twist.”

Legend’s favorite TikTok account for nail inspiration

The caption admits he’s “on [TikTok] for hours” watching nail art trending trends. Her favorite account is @ilysmnails. times,” he says. “I find it so creative and very entertaining. I’m just on her page for hours like, ‘Dang, what can this girl be thinking next?'”

Nail-Art Trends That Are Going To Be Huge This Summer

“The pandemic has definitely opened people’s eyes to different things they can try on their nails,” Legend says. “I mean, we were stuck at home watching all these TV shows and movies thinking, ‘OK, we’ve seen it all on Netflix, what else can we do?’ Start experimenting with your nails, of course.” He also says that people have noticed their nails growing longer, which has led to wanting to try and experiment with nail art at home.

Looking ahead to summer, Legend predicts nail art trends will be anything but boring. “Two colors I love are magenta and Bottega green which is everywhere,” he says. “I love the pops of color.” As for patterns to look out for, he says, “I wanted to try houndstooth – I’m going to start playing around with that print.”

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